Nicotine is highly addictive
Rumble (Koil Killaz) - Premium eJuice
Rumble (Koil Killaz) - Premium eJuice

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Rumble (Koil Killaz)

If you would like to add a splash of ice, menthol or mint to your eJuice, try one of our cooling additives.

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The beast stalks silently in the night fog.  His target, moving quickly, is veiled by the lush foliage of the jungle plants. Crack. A false move and he’s detected. Our beast closes in on him...A rumble between the foes is about to emerge! Get ready for it with this delicious blend of exotic mango, lychee, and guava -the sweetest in the rainforest! A unique tropical blend that will have you pounding on your chest!


Manufacturer Koil Killaz
Formula 70/30 VG/PG (Regular) / 60/40 VG/PG (Salt Nicotine)
Size 60ml (Regular) / 30ml (Salt Nicotine)