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Migvapor Herb-E Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer eJuice Accessories

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Migvapor Herb-E Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer

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From the same company that brought us the Sub Herb Tank, and the Brain Fogger, comes a nice entry level, compact cannabis vaporizer for someone looking to switch from combustion to vaping. The Herb-e is a good little robot made of a lightweight aluminum casing, and wrapped with carbon fiber.  The small size makes it ultra portable and very discreet and can be used in social situations as it provides a clean vape with neither too much vapor or odor.  Dual temperature control (204 Celsius to 221 Celsius) with a 1200 mAh battery that should give you about 10 uses before needing to recharge (about 2 hours for recharging).


  • Convection Oven
  • Two Temperature modes: Yellow Eyes (400 Degrees F) or Angry Mode – Red Eyes (430 Degrees F) for more vapor production
  • 5 clicks on/off
  • 45 Second Heat Up
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Meant for long, slow draws


  • Herb-e Micro Vaporizer
  • Tweezers for removing the inside mouthpiece
  • 3 x Pipe Cleaners for Chamber Oven Cleaning
  • Wet Wipe
  • User Manual


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