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Mapacho (Red Vape) (Red Vape)

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Mapacho (Red Vape)

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Red Vape’s Mapacho e-liquid uses naturally extracted Mapacho tobacco which grows wild in the jungles of Peru. A rich tobacco variety offering a subtle sweetness and creamy flavour. Mapacho is a decadent vape for the tobacco aficionado.

The Mapacho tobacco variety is one of the most potent available. Compared with commercially cultivated tobacco varieties, it can often be as much as ten times stronger. A little goes a long way, and it produces a delicious deep, rich and almost creamy flavour.

Mapacho is an offspring of the Nicotiana Rustica tobacco variety and the indigenous tribes in South America have used it for over 3000 years. Mapacho goes by many other names including Aztec Tobacco, Wild Tobacco, Ucuch and Tuoc Lao. Traditionally, it is used as medicine to treat a wide range of ailments. The leaves are often ground down in powder or soaked and either inhaled or drank as a tea. It is known as an ordeal medicine as typically the user will feel a lot worse initially before feeling better.

Tasting Notes:

Mapacho is a deeply strong bold tobacco with a moorish flavour and natural lingering sweetness. Smooth and extremely satisfying it delivers everything a high-quality tobacco e-liquid should. We wouldn’t recommend this e-liquid to be your first experience of a tobacco juice as it will be difficult to appreciate the complexity of flavours without first sampling some milder tobacco’s. For those vapers who enjoy tobacco e-liquids then prepare yourselves to have a new favourite juice.