JUULpods 5% (4 Pack) Virginia Tobacco (5% = 59mg/ml) eJuice
JUULpods 5% (4 Pack) eJuice
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JUULpods 5% (4 Pack)

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  • Pack of four JUULpods
  • Each JUULpod should deliver around 200 puffs before it needs changing
  • Each JUULpod contains 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine by weight (59mg/ml nicotine)

All pods are covered under our exclusive defective pod guarantee


**New Flavour**
Golden Tobacco: 
A blend of rich traditional tobacco flavour with a smooth finish.

Classic Tobacco (Limited Edition): Classic Tobacco flavor is a familiar, yet timeless, mild tobacco flavor that provides a subtle and aromatic tobacco flavor with a fantastic throat hit. 

Virginia Tobacco: Virginia Tobacco is JUUL's name for a classic tobacco flavor. It's an American blend-style tobacco that is the best seller of all the flavors. The reason for this is simple, though. The JUUL is mainly used by people who are new to vaping. They are likely to have been used to smoking actual tobacco more recently, so this flavor makes them feel more at home. If you're not a fan of sweeter flavors (as most of the other JUULpod flavors are), then you can't go wrong with Virginia Tobacco.

Mint (Formerly Cool Mint): Cool Mint is JUUL's name for a classic menthol flavor. It's refreshing and offers a cool alternative to the classic tobacco flavor

Fruit (Formerly Fruit Medley): Fruit Medley is JUUL's name for a fruit- and berry-based (fruit) flavor. If you're looking for a refreshing alternative to the regular tobacco/menthol flavors, give this one a try. 

Mango (Limited Edition): Mango is JUUL's second fruity offering, following up on the success of Fruit Medley. JUUL Mango is a mango-inspired flavor with the same throat hit and nicotine blast of the others.

Cucumber (Formerly Cool Cucumber): JUUL Cool Cucumber is a genuinely one-of-a kind flavor. Delivering the sort of refreshment that only cucumber can, Cool Cucumber is the perfect JUUL pod flavor for kicking back and relaxing in the sun! Subtly sweet and definitely revitalizing, JUUL Cool Cucumber is a fresh new taste for anyone looking for something a bit different.

Vanilla (Formerly Crème Brûlée)Crème Brûlée is a smooth custard flavor with strong hints of vanilla. This is the sweetest pod refill of the JUUL range.

For a wide variety of additional flavours and nicotine strengths, take a look at these pod brands that are compatible with the JUUL.


Nicotine Salt, Salt Nicotine or Nic Salt is the naturally occurring state of nicotine found in tobacco. E-liquid with extracted nicotine salt is known to more closely emulate the nicotine absorption rate of traditional smoking, while providing a smoother inhale. 

Nicotine Salt e-liquid is a great option for new vapers, or those using low wattage (<20W) mouth-to-lung vape devices.  Because of the higher concentration of nicotine found in Salt Nic eJuice, it is not recommended for high wattage or sub-ohm vape devices.



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