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Castle Long Reserve - 2020 Edition (Five Pawns)

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Castle Long Reserve - 2020 Edition (Five Pawns)

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Castle Long Reserve has been aged and steeped in a treated oak barrel for three weeks. 

You’ll taste toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, two different vanillas (Madagascar vanilla bean and French vanilla), Kentucky bourbon and American Oak. The liquid extracted from the barrels has been filtered using a proprietary filtration process before bottling.

Coined as the “Liquid of the Year” for multiple years running, Castle Long Reserve is only released but once a year, and it always sells out. 

This year, Five Pawns is paying homage to Southern California culture by using a popular surfing term and imagery, that’s incredibly relevant to Castle Long Reserve.

Barrel ageing has been used in distilling for ages.  Its history roots back to simple transportation when liquids needed to be stored and moved without the advances of refrigeration.  Barrel ageing today is utilized for the unique flavours it can impart on certain teas, balsamic vinegars, craft beers, spirits, and wine.  In early 2013, Five Pawns embarked on the process of barrel aging e-liquid.

Learn more about the specific processes utilized in order to create our award-winning Castle Long Reserve on the official Five Pawns blog.


Manufacturer Five Pawns
Formula 50/50 pg/vg blend
Size 60ml


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