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18650 Battery Wrap

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Torn or damaged battery wraps can lead to shorting which can be extremely dangerous.  If your battery wrap is nicked, torn or otherwise unsafe, use these replacement battery wraps to give your batteries a second life.  Just remove the existing battery wrap and use a hairdryer or heat gun to shrink the replacement wrap around the battery.

If you would like us to re-wrap your battery for you, just come in to our retail store at 130 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Unit 61, Vaughan, Ontario (M-F 11-7pm / SAT 10-2pm) and we will be happy to re-wrap your battery for you free of charge.

Please be safe and do not allow an exposed battery without a wrap to come in contact with a metal or conductive grounded object. This product should only be used by advanced users with sufficient battery safety knowledge to properly handle exposed batteries. Novices should have their batteries re-wrapped by a vape shop for safety.

Check out this YouTube demonstration video to see how to safely re-wrap a battery



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