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You may be wondering if all of the negative press in the media regarding vaping related illnesses has some merit, and if you are, you're not alone. The good news is that according to the CDC in the USA, the majority, if not all of all reported illnesses have been caused by the inclusion of Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopherol Acetate) within illegal black market THC cartridges. Vitamin E Acetate enhances the appearance of the THC concentrate and increases its volume for increased profit. These illnesses have NOT been linked to traditional nicotine eJuice vaping and so unless you are vaping black market THC cartridges that you are buying online, you have nothing to worry about. Here is an article from the Washington Post on the subject:

Contaminant found in marijuana vaping products linked to deadly lung illnesses, tests show


As many of you are aware, Dr. Mackie (Medical Officer of Health and CEO of the Middlesex-London Health Unit) created mass panic across Canada on September 18, 2019 when he informed the media during a press conference that they had identified a patient as having the first "vaping" related illness in Canada. During the press conference, Dr. Mackie refused to release any information as to the brand of vape juice he said was responsible for this illness, stating that disclosing the brand could allow people to identify the patient which was prevented under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). This comment is asinine given that there is no way to identify the patient by releasing the brand of eJuice allegedly responsible for the illness. One would also conclude that it is his duty to report this information in order to prevent others from becoming sick. During the press conference, he blatantly denied that this illness was created by illegal black market THC cartridges sold in the USA.

Well, Dr. Mackie finally confessed yesterday (Sept 26, 2019) at 6 pm ET that the patient in Middlesex London had a severe case of Lipid pneumonia, which means they were, in fact, vaping illegal black market THC cartridges that were tainted with Vitamin E Acetate. He also confirmed that the product was purchased online from the US.

This is exactly why the public needs to educate themselves on the facts as there are plenty of people like Dr. Mackie out there who feel that it is their duty to misinform the public under the guise of preventing underage vaping.

It amazes me that a doctor who has taken an oath to "Do No Harm" would deceivingly release this type of information without knowing the facts, causing many to give up vaping and go back to smoking cigarettes. I look forward to the day when fact-finding and truth-telling are more important than spreading lies in hoping to sway public opinion.

In my opinion, Dr, Mackie should have his medical license revoked for the damage that he has done and for causing thousands of people to give up vaping and return to smoking by knowingly withholding the truth about what actually caused this reported illness.

View the initial press conference that started the panic
View the interview with Dr. Mackie conducted by CBC London on Sept 25th
View the latest interview with Dr. Mackie



Researchers are working hard to determine the cause of more than 500 reported cases of lung illness affecting e-cigarette users. But even before this outbreak, e-cigarettes divided the medical community. Public Health England describes e-cigarettes as "at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes" – a claim New York University professor David Abrams agrees with. Abrams tells "CBS This Morning" Tony Dokoupil why he's concerned about what the current panic about e-cigarette safety could mean for public health.   SEPT 20, 2019

You're probably thinking, "That's great and all, but why do I keep hearing so many negative things about vaping in the news and why are so many states in the US banning vaping?".

Unfortunately for the vaping industry, there are plenty of anti-smoking and corporate-backed lobby groups that seek to destroy the vaping industry due to it's success in redirecting the profits of some of the largest corporations in the world to small businesses that are driven by the goal of helping people improve their health and make a successful transition to a less harmful and satisfying form of nicotine delivery.

We can all agree that big tobacco has been losing billions of dollars annually to vaping and as a result has invested heavily in the vaping industry through companies such as JUUL, Vype, Blu, etc. For example, approximately 35% of all JUUL shares are owned by Altria, a huge tobacco company. Now you can start to understand why JUUL supports all FDA decisions, refuses to sue the FDA or be part of any organization that speaks out against FDA rulings and proposed regulations, and is the willing scapegoat for the reason why underage vaping is now considered an epidemic in the US. They seek to destroy the vaping industry from within with the similarity to a trojan horse. Demonizing the industry by tarnishing the reputation of eJuice manufacturers and vape shops by sending sales reps to high schools and selling their products at gas stations and convenience stores where underage access is most prevalent. The individual states in the US love this negative press around vaping because they make lots of money from settlement payments made to them by the tobacco companies based on the number of packs of cigarettes sold in their state per year.  You can learn more about this in the video below.


All that said, big tobacco is not the biggest threat to the vaping industry.  The biggest threat is big pharma. If you consider how much money has been lost in the sale of smoking cessation drugs, patches, gum and inhalers in addition to the billions of dollars being lost in the sale of cancer and heart disease medication, surgical equipment, and other drugs used in the treatment of smoking related diseases, you can see why big pharma has a big stake in seeing the vaping industry disappear. Did you know that the FDA is completely funded by big pharma? When government, big tobacco and big pharma are all losing billions of dollars because of vaping, you can understand why the media has been propagating misinformation like wildfire, why the FDA seeks to ban the sale of flavoured eJuice and why state governments are banning flavours or vaping in general under the guise of preventing underage vaping.

We are compiling a list of resources on this page for you to educate yourself and others on the scientific research that has been done on the subject of vaping. Resources listed will include interviews with prominent Doctors and Medical Institutions, reputable research studies, and more. Please feel free to email us with anything that you think is worth listing on this page that isn't already here ( We hope that the information that we share with you will help you feel good about your decision to vape and give you an easy way to share all of the scientific proof with others.


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Vaping Advocacy and Educational Project is a great resource to help educate yourself as well as your colleagues, friends and loved ones about the positive impact that vaping can bring to smokers.