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Virginia Cured (Red Vape) (Red Vape)

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Virginia Cured (Red Vape)

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Tobacco flavouring derived from the classic Virginia tobacco variety. A well balanced, full-bodied e-liquid with a natural sweetness reminiscent of silky caramel. It delivers a smooth, and satisfying inhale with lingering earthy notes with reflections of a true tobacco sensation.

Virginia Tobacco, also known as Brightleaf or Bright Tobacco, is one of the most common varieties used in traditional cigarettes. Virginia style cigarettes are especially popular in the UK, and many Commonwealth nations including Australia, Canada, India and South Africa. China, the worlds largest market for cigarette sales, also favours Virginia based products. Brightleaf tobacco gets its name from the colour of its leaves which turn a light yellow when heat is applied during the curing process. This variety thrives in poor quality soil and so became a popular crop for farmers across North America. It has a lighter, milder flavour than many traditional tobaccos making it ideal for use in cigarettes. Our Virginia Tobacco is flue-cured in large curing barns. This process dries out the tobacco leaves slowly without exposure to smoke. This type of curing process allows the tobacco to retain its natural tannins and develop a slightly sweet and mild taste.

Tasting Notes:

Our Virginia Cured Tobacco e-liquid has a smooth sweetness on the inhale with a distinct throat hit and some deep earthy tones on the exhale.



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