Nicotine is highly addictive

Nic-UP (Nicotine Booster for eJuice)

Nic-UP is the easy way to increase the nicotine content of any eJuice.

Is your favourite eJuice only available in 6mg but you vape 12mg?  We can add Nic-UP to your bottle for you to get you the strength you were looking for.  

Nic-UP consists of PG based nicotine from NicSelect that will increase the nicotine content in a 30ml or 60ml bottle by either 3mg/mL (0.3%) or 6mg/mL (0.6%).



Due to new Health Canada regulations regarding the sale of nicotine concentrations above 66%, we are no longer able to offer Nic-UP in self-dispensing vials as the amount of nicotine base required at that concentration would overflow bottles and dilute the flavour of the eJuice.  

Given that 100mg Nicotine can still be purchased for commercial / manufacturing purposes, we are now adding the Nic-UP for our customers as a service.  Nic-UP will be added to your bottle depending on bottle size and boost desired using a sterile needle and syringe that has been pre-filled with the nicotine.  Your bottle will then have the necessary labels applied so that you are aware of the new strength and packed in a sealed bag given that the seal on the bottle will need to be broken for the nicotine to be added. 



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