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Vivant RIFT Starter Kit - Premium eJuice
Vivant RIFT Starter Kit - Premium eJuice
Vivant RIFT Starter Kit - Premium eJuice

$169.95 CAD

Vivant RIFT Starter Kit

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Vivant RIFT Vaporizer w/ 3 Bowls Hybrid Convection & Conduction Heating Dry Herb AND Concentrate AND Mixture Vape Starter Kit


VIVANT RIFT™ is the most powerful dry herb and concentrate vaporizer designed for discreet users seeking to elevate their vaping experience on-the-go. Designed to optimize convection and conduction heating, VIVANT RIFT™ is spearheading the industry to new levels.

Elevate your experience-mix and match different FLAVORS or materials!

The unique triple partition provides not only powerful heat transfer, but gives you the ability to be creative with your vape.

Removable Hybrid Heater
VIVANT RIFT™ is only device in the industry to have a removable, modular hybrid heater, providing you with the following conveniences:
Easy removal for thorough cleaning
Every corner is designed to fit cue-tips perfectly
Capacity for different upgrades such as specialized heater in the future
Safe Material, Free to Vape
The RFC heater is made in the U.S. and tested by the professional and independent U.S. laboratory safely. Feel free to vape without any worries.

Sleek body with a comfortable grip
Odor resistant, Resealable mouthpiece
Powerful performance and creative 
experience wrapped in ultimate discreetness

RIFT Technology with a Tri-Bowl Design
Effectively heats your dry herb and/or concentrate
Grinding not required-break off pieces and press them into the bowl
Tri-Bowl Design allows you to vape 3 different choices of cannabis at the same time

LED Screen Displaying 3 Different Modes
Each Mode Includes Session and On Demand

Select among optimized settings for
flower and concentrate

Accurate temperature control provides precision for the expert connoisseur
Select each session up to 5 minutes
Boost your experience by customizing the Turbo Mode

Maintains preset temperature for 2 minutes
Option to add 30 seconds before session ends

Utilizes maximum power and maximum temperature per setting
Need to take a quick hit? Use Turbo Mode for on-demand performance
Turbo boost your session anytime by pressing the power button
Rich and Flavorful Vapor Within Seconds

Heat Recycler
Cools down the hot air coming out and heats up the cold air going in, which saves battery and insures a smooth, cool vapor.Fully isolated air path ensures extraction with the highest purity.

Firmware Upgradeable For Future Updates 

Box Contents:
1 * USB Cable
1 * Cleaning Brush     
1 * Quick Guide
1 * Key Chain Tool     
3 * Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad