Nicotine is highly addictive

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Nicotine pouches are small fabric pouches containing nicotine that are increasingly being chosen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars. Nowadays even smokers of shisha, hookah (also known as water pipe) and e-cigarettes have started using these popular pouches to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the production of smoke or vapour, making them perfect for work, air travel, time with the kids or any other circumstance in which smoking or vaping is not possible.

Nicotine bags, nicotine pouches, nicopods, chew, chew bags and all white are different names that refer to this type of product. These pouches are also often referred to as snus.

The product is originally from Sweden and is a derivative of the Swedish "snus", although improved and more importantly, there is no tobacco in nicotine pouches! 

The most frequently cited reason for using nicotine pouches is the non-combustible consumption of nicotine. You no longer have the harmful and often carcinogenic substances that are released during combustion. In addition, you are no longer a nuisance to others or need to feel embarrassed by the odours created by smoking cigarettes.


Place the pouch between your gums and upper lip. Here you let it sit quietly, until you notice that the nicotine is beginning to work. Do not chew or suck on the pouch and do not use your tongue to move the pouch around in your mouth, but wait patiently, keeping the pouch as dry as possible. It is also recommended not to swallow any saliva produced by the pouch as it will not taste very pleasant. After a few minutes you often feel a slight tingling sensation, after which the effects of the pouch can be felt quite quickly. 

The pouches do not stain your teeth and come in a wide range of flavours and strengths. The pouches contain natural fibers, fresh flavours, nicotine and a little chewing gum that softens the bags so that it fits comfortably under your lip.

The pouches are supplied in plastic containers. Usually there is a compartment in the lid or back of each container where used pouches can be stored temporarily. Always throw your used pouches in the waste bin and never on the street.


Nicotine pouches are bags of powder containing nicotine. These nicotine-derived tobacco products contain either nicotine salt or a chewing gum base. The nicotine is extracted from the nicotiana tabacum plant, but the products do not contain tobacco.

Q - How do you use nicotine pouches?
A - Place a bag between your gums and upper lip.

Q - How long do I use a pouch for?
A - This varies between 10 and 40 minutes per person. Always throw used pouches in a waste bin and not on the street!

Q - Are nicotine pouches legal?
A - Yes, it is comparable to the use of nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

Q - Can I use nicotine pouches everywhere? Also in public areas?
A - Yes, you can use them everywhere. Unlike smoking, you're bothering no one!

Q - Is nicotine addictive?
A - Yes, nicotine is very addictive, both physically and mentally.

Q - I am not yet 19. Can I buy and try nicotine pouches?
A - No, we do not sell to people under 19.

Q - I want to quit smoking. Are nicotine pouches helpful?
A - Yes, because you ingest nicotine, you have little or no appetite for a cigarette.

Q - I still smoke now. Can I quit smoking faster by using nicotine pouches?
A - Yes, because your nicotine level stays up, you have less desire to smoke.

Q - Can you use nicotine pouches in combination with drugs or alcohol?
A - We do not recommend this because the effects can vary greatly per person. So beware of experimenting!

Q - I'm pregnant. Can I use nicotine pouches?
A - No, nicotine can have serious, adverse consequences for yourself and the baby during pregnancy.

Q - Do nicotine pouches contain tobacco?
A - No, nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco free.

Q - Is original snus the same as nicotine pouches?
A - No, original snus usually contains tobacco. Nicotine pouches don't.

Q - Why does everyone call nicotine pouches snus?
A - Because it seems to be an equivalent product for most people.

Q - My nicotine pouches are yellowish in color. Is this bad?
A - No, nicotine often naturally turns yellow. For example, people who smoke a lot often get yellow fingers or nails.

Q - I have kept my nicotine pouches for too long and they have now passed their expiry date. Can I still use them?
A - Yes, you can still use them, however, the pouches can dry out and the effect of nicotine can be a lot less.

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