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Important news about Suicide Bunny, The Cloud Company and King's Crown eJuice Stock

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

We have recently been informed by our distributor that they will no longer be distributing Suicide Bunny, Kings Crown or The Cloud Company eJuices in Canada.  While we look for a new distributor, we will no longer be receiving additional stock from any of these lines.  Once the current stock is gone, it's gone!  

If you are a fan of Mother's Milk, we have put together a list of great alternative eJuices below that are as good if not better than Mother's Milk.  We urge you to give them a try as you will most likely enjoy these more than Mother's Milk:

  1. Symmetry Six (Five Pawns)
  2. Unicorn Milk (Cuttwood Vapors)
  3. Duchess (Sovereign Premium)
  4. Arise (The Cloud Company)
  5. The Milk Man or My Man (One Hit Wonder)
  6. No. 5 (Beard Vape Co.)
  7. Milk (Glas)

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