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Salt NIX Pods (STLTH) (Salt NIX)
Salt NIX Pods (STLTH) (Salt NIX)
Salt NIX Pods (STLTH) (Salt NIX)

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Salt NIX Pods (STLTH)

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STLTH Pods come in packs of 3, each pod contains 2.0ml of Salt Based Eliquid and come in 2.0% (20MG).

All pods are covered under our exclusive defective pod guarantee

Flavours Available:

Northern Classic: Often tobacco e-liquids are clouded with other flavourings that take away from the natural richness featured in its profile. Northern Tobacco e-liquid is a straightforward flavour that features our renowned blonde Canadian tobacco and is the ideal flavour for all those looking for an aromatic and satisfying experience.

Icy Mango: Icy Mango lets you experience a bite of fresh mango with every inhale! It is an extremely accurate representation of the real fruit, enhanced by an ice-cold sensation from start to finish. Let its juiciness along with its refreshing effect make every day feel like the first day of summer.

Neon Berries: A sugary-sweet vape packed with a blend of wild berries. Neon Berries has a sweet berry inhale and a sharp blue raspberry exhale. It features notes from over six different kinds of berries to create a flawlessly balanced mix of sweet and tart.



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