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How Do I Change eJuice Flavours Without Changing My Coil?

Posted by Stuart Rosenfarb on

You may be wondering, how do I switch the eJuice in my tank without cleaning my tank and replacing a perfectly functional coil?

In many cases, if you are vaping a dessert blend with a fairly neutral flavour profile such as a custard, cream, caramel, rice and marshmallow square, cake, or donut, you will likely be able to add another eJuice without cleaning your tank or changing your coil, especially if you are switching to a more flavourful eJuice. It is recommended that you either vape the remaining eJuice or dump it before adding the new flavour.

In cases where the flavour in your tank would alter the taste of the new eJuice so much that it would be undesirable to vape the combination for any length of time, you can use a product such as FlavorSwitch Coil and Tank Flavor Neutralizer to remove the flavour left behind in your tank and on your coil without replacing the coil or cleaning your tank simply by adding a dropper full of FlavorSwitch and vaping it until the flavor disappears. FlavorSwitch is an eJuice that uses a special blend of citrus flavourings to neutralize other flavours that it comes into contact with, however, from our experience using the product, it will not fully remove some potent flavours such as cinnamon or tobacco, but their presence will be reduced significantly.

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