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14 Electronic Cigarette Studies That Make Critics Sound Ridiculous

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Date: April 9, 2014

Recently, electronic cigarettes have gone from being largely unknown to being available on almost every high street. Here are 14 studies demonstrating that a great deal of research has been conducted into their effectiveness.

1. Nicotine But No Combustible Toxins in Second-hand Vapor

This study, published in the Oxford Journal, concludes that using an electronic cigarette indoors will not expose non-users to the harmful substances present in tobacco.

2. No Affect on Arterial Stiffening from E-Cigarettes

This study, conducted by the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece, concludes that there is no difference in the arteries upon exposure to the vapor in electronic cigarettes.

3. Smokers Helped to Quit Using Electronic Cigarettes

This study, conducted by Dr Konstantino Farsalinos, concludes that e-liquid flavoring has a significant impact on the ability of smokers to successfully quit using tobacco.

4. Regulating E-Cig Use Might Cause Deaths

This report, conducted by Dr Gilbert Ross for the American Council of Science and Health, suggests that the inclusion of electronic cigarettes in tobacco regulations could increase tobacco-related deaths.

5. E-Cigs Help to Stop Smoking and Prevent Relapses

A joint study by the University of Auckland and the University of Geneva concludes that e-cigarettes may help to prevent continued tobacco use and prevent a return to tobacco later on.

6. Teens Not Using E-Cigs as a Gateway to Tobacco

This study by Dr Ted Wagener concludes that there is no current trend of electronic cigarette use leading to teenagers being more likely to take up tobacco later.

7. No Adverse Effect on Heart Health from E-Cigarettes

This study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, concludes that the presence of e-liquids has no effect on the electrical actions of heart cells.

8. Using E-Cigarettes Has No Affect on Oxygen Levels in the Heart

This study, conducted by Dr Konstantino Farsalinos, concludes that there is no evidence of a reduction in oxygenation of heart tissues with electronic cigarette use.

9. No Public Health Problems from E-Cigarettes

This study, conducted by Professor Igor Burstyn, concludes that the compounds found in e-liquids do not warrant a concern for public health.

10. E-Cigarettes Improve Smokers’ Health

study conducted by independent researchers showed a significant improvement in overall health in the majority of those studied.

11. Death Risk Reduced by Using Electronic Cigarettes

The Boston University of Public Health conducted a study which shows that electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative than tobacco.

12. Electronic Cigarettes Effectively Help Stop Smoking

study from the University of Catania proves that electronic cigarette use is highly effective in reducing tobacco use.

13. No Major Lung Issues Caused by E-Cigarettes

Researchers looked into smoke inhalation from electronic cigarette use, and concluded that secondhand exposure to e-liquid smoke had no respiratory impact.

14. No Risks Found From Exposure to Electronic Cigarettes

This study shows that there is no evidence to suggest harmful effects to non-users who are exposed to e-liquid vapor.

There are numerous studies into the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, but the above studies show that there is already a wealth of information available to refute the claims of those who are against these beneficial devices.

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